The 6 Mediterranean Foods you should eat each week!

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Eating healthy is an everyday choice. It is not something that we can do just once in awhile but rather something that we should do each day. There are 6 Mediterreanean Foods that you should have in your kitchen and enjoy each week. These foods can add years to your life and make you look younger. Now that is definitely Mediterranean Healthy :-)

#6 Almonds- I am talking about raw almonds (uncooked, not smoked) RAW almonds. They are great for health. They provide a high amount of protein which is especially useful for vegetarians. They also are a great source of fiber, folic acid and other key vitamins. I recommend have about 1/4 cup each day if possible. If you do not like the taste, try placing them in the refrigerator. It is an old Mediterranean trick and some say that they taste better cold.

#5 Tomatoes- Tomatoes are a fruit that we all need in our diet!! I have received questions as to which type of tomato is best (i.e. cherry, plum, etc). But it really does not matter. I advocate for any type of tomato as long as it is a tomato. They contain lycopene which is important in protecting the heart  and can also protect against cancer.

#4 Garlic- I have discussesd the health benefits of garlic in a couple previous posts ( and ( . So all I would like to stress here is that garlic is important (why? read the previous posts :-) ). Overall, it is great for your health and it a Mediterranean staple that we should all eat each week. 


#3 Spinach or a Jute plant( They are low in calories and high in vitamins and nutrients. Spinach is a key vegetable that contains numerous antioxidants and is helpful to fight infection and protect immunity. Popeye instantly had muscles after eating his spinach.



#2 Pomegranate- This fruit is delicious!!! Yes, its messy but it is a key for our well being. I definitely recommend the fruit over the juice but if you are not able to eat the fruit or do not have the patience to break it open than the juice is a nice substitute.

#1 Olive Oil-  Olive oil is a wonder oil. It clears out our arteries and tastes delicious. It can be used for cooking, for the skin and even to clean. It is important to store olive oil in a dark tin container as a light bottle may cause the chemical structure to break and some of the important health benefits may dissipate.

Eating these foods each week will definitely help you look and feel younger :-)


9 Responses to “The 6 Mediterranean Foods you should eat each week!”

  1. Running GarlicNo Gravatar Says:

    GREAT List! I do pretty good with these except for pomegrante – I don’t think I have ever tasted one! Will search the grocery store – I have seen the juice. Thanks for the advice!
    Debbie :-)


  2. suzyrabiNo Gravatar Says:

    You have to try one :-) Let me know how it goes. I am going to try and post an easy and clean way to eat one soon.


  3. Jen GNo Gravatar Says:

    This is a great list! I can’t remember the last time I ate a pomegranate. I will buy one on my next grocery run. Just wondering – why do the almonds have to be raw? What if they are roasted on a very low temperature for a long time?


  4. Tonya PeeleNo Gravatar Says:

    Suzy – I love your site and I LOVE Mediterranean food. The simplicity of ingredients and abundance of flavor are great reasons to incorporate more midddle eastern foods into a healthy diet. Thanks for connecting with me!


  5. suzyrabiNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Jen G. Great question. The nuts do have to be raw as there is still nutritional value when they are roasted on a low temperature, but a lot of the antioxidants are lost when they are roasted.


  6. suzyrabiNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks Tonya!


  7. MomNo Gravatar Says:

    Nice site and very informative blog!
    I hope you can check my blog, i have plenty of middle eastern video recipes that i posted, including Mulukhyya. would be great to read your feed back. Thanks!


  8. suzyrabiNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi MOM…I am definitely going to check out your recipes!


  9. BamesNo Gravatar Says:

    Thank you for sharing such information. I eat most of the items you have listed except for the olive oil and pomegranate. ‘Will definitely try to include them in my diet too. :)


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