Saffron Road Foods- Looking for Certified Halal Meals?? Here it is….

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As a teenager and young girl, I was always pretty “skinny”. Fortunately, I did not have to diet and worry about my weight. Well let me tell you….that time is LONG GONE!!!! I have realized that once I hit 30 years old, I needed to eat right and exercise to stay fit and maintain my weight. Some of my friends suggested that I try frozen meals so I did, but many of them are not as “healthy” as they seem and the taste….let’s just say “yuck”.!!

I was contacted by Saffron Road Foods™ recently and agreed to review their selection of frozen meals. The first thing I did was go to their website and do some research, and I was definitely pleased with my first impression. Saffron Road Foods is certified humane, 100% vegetarian feed, all natural and raised without antibiotics. Their meat is all Halal which means they have fair treatment for farmers and livestock, and it is definitely clean and healthy meat.

Stay posted for my review later this week :-)

My husband and I went to Whole Foods early yesterday to try Saffron Road’s frozen meals.  We are planning to try the Lamb Saag, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Vindaloo this week. I will definitely let you know what happens by Friday.


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