Within the concept of halal, Saffron Road emphasizes halal’s humane treatment of animals. Tell us how important consuming Humane Certified food is to you and your family. Leave a comment below and we’ll randomly chose FOUR winners to receive a coupon for a free Saffron Road entrée!

You can find the entrées at Whole Foods.

Must be a resident of the US to win. Winners will be notified by 2/28/11.



  1. DiannaNo Gravatar Says:

    Consuming Humane Certified food is very important to my family and I because just like any other family we want to eat healthier, real organic food. Not foods with added hormones from the cows or artifical flavors, or unnessesarry added sodium, salt, trans fats, sugars and overal calories. Espeically for the youngest in the family who is still growing physically and mentally. Young kids need to eat real, healthy food to develop better eating habits in the future and that will lead to no obesity, diabetes, heart failure. . . the list goes on.


  2. SumiNo Gravatar Says:

    Growing up in a muslim household, I was always taught that halal meat was the way to go. It is more humane for the animal and reduces it’s suffering as it goes through the food chain. I feel that if we are not vegan or vegetarian, the least we can do as humans is to eat meat that is halal.


  3. AmberNo Gravatar Says:

    the only place we’ll buy meat is Whole Foods, and for so many reasons! we buy humane meat because the way animals are treated in factory farms is just plain wrong, but also because we feel it’s safer for us. these Saffron Road entrees were a really great idea, being both halal for our Muslim friends, and Humane Certified for just plain anyone who cares about the quality of life of the animals that become their food. we’ve tried the Chicken Tika Masala…quite tasty!!


  4. Rita McGillNo Gravatar Says:

    I am the only vegan in my home but I usually cook for everyone and try to feed them as healthy as possible, they will eat meat free occasionally, it is important to me to have a choice (as in whole foods) that I can trust. My oldest daughter, that I raised vegan, is now raising her children (4years old and 1 month old) as vegans and her husband is “veganish”


  5. IrfanRNo Gravatar Says:

    Eating Halal and Organic Healthy Food is important to me and my family because it is part of our religious teachings. Also we believe that if you eat Halal and good food – then you will produce good. If you eat bad and unhealthy food, then you will produce bad. What comes in – goes out!


  6. MomNo Gravatar Says:

    Growing up in the middle east i am used to eating Halal meat, actually this is all they sell back home. marrying a vegetarian made life easier for me, i did not have to worry about cooking meat or chicken, but I am always on the look out for fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season at their prime. occasionally i cook meat or chicken, especially when i have guests over for lunch or dinner. i try to get halal meat or chicken, it just makes me feel better that the meat does not have bloody smell to it which does not appeal for me to eat, also the humane treatment of animals is a plus.
    I have not tried Saffron halal products yet, but i will be on the look out next time i go grocery shopping at whole foods market.


  7. TinaNo Gravatar Says:

    I like to eat anything healthy.


  8. AmyNo Gravatar Says:

    Love to eat meat that we know is clean. It is important to my family and I.


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