MINT……It is not just good for your breath!



We have all heard that mint is good for your breath, but that is not all its good for….Everytime I make a cup of tea, I add mint…yes it gives it great flavor. But there are many other “things” that mint offers.

Mint has been used all over the Middle East for its great healing power, wonderful aroma and yummy taste!!!!

Mint is useful for an upset stomach, nausea and headache. It can help treat irritable bowel syndrome or other stomach disorders. It is able to smooth the digestive tract and it can reduce the severity of an upset stomach. It has been shown in animal studies to reduce the risks of colon and lung cancer! Finally, there is mixed opinion but it has also been shown to improve female fertility.

Try chewing fresh mint leaves in place of gum. It will definitelyl freshen your breath and may even last longer :-)


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