It’s okay to feed your child fast food at _______ years old!!

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Moms always try to give their children the best, beginning in the womb. We eat healthier; we give up certain cheeses and luncheon meat, and who can forget giving up spicy tuna crunch rolls?? Yes, I gave up SUSHI for 37 weeks and definitely feel like I deserve a blue ribbon for that!!

It continues…Once your child is born, many moms, including myself, try breastfeeding since it’s recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and is “supposedly” healthier for your child.  But, what about moms like me who cannot continue breastfeeding for health reasons or moms who simply do not want to breastfeed.  Does that make us bad moms??

It continues…Once your child hits 4 to 6 months, they need some “real” food. Some moms go the extra-mile and make homemade baby food. I mean who would feed their child from a jar? (j/k). Although I make about 75% of Jude’s baby food, I purchase organic baby food jars for the remainder. Do you know how many dirty looks I get when I open a jar in front of other moms??  As if giving my son jarred baby food makes me a shitty mom even though my jar contains ORGANIC food, and most likely they are giving their child homemade baby food with a bunch of pesticides in a plastic container that is probably NOT BPA free!!J So which mom is doing what is best??

It continues…Once your child hits a year old, you say no fast-food and no ordering from the children’s menu at a restaurant since most restaurants offer children low-quality options such as chicken fingers, buttered pasta, pizza, or a burger.  Is that okay to say no though and when is it okay to actually say YES?

When it comes to nutrition for our children, we try so hard early on, but then somehow by the third grade almost every child has had a Happy Meal or chicken fingers and fries at the local-chained restaurant. It’s almost like a rite-of-passage.

So my question for all the moms (and dads) out there is not do you feed your child fast food, but rather at what age is it okay to feed your child fast food or off of the children’s menu? When do we stop caring about what is going into the mouths of our children??



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  1. AllisonNo Gravatar Says:

    All mom is really careful and think the best food for their children. They always look everything that would be best for their kids. It’s how they care. :D


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