Eggs Anyone??


Eggs are staple in a Mediterranean Diet. There a few things that one must be aware of though before purchasing, handling and consuming our eggs……they are:

1) Always Check the Container: The shell is the main barrier for bacteria so if it is cracked there may be bacteria in the container. Don’t buy eggs with a broken shell.

2) Leave them in a Container: This will help prevent the eggs from absorbing other odors from foods in the refrigerator.

3) Store them on a Shelf: Evidence shows that eggs are fresher when stored on a shelf (rather than the refrigerator door slot for eggs).

4) Expired Eggs?: You can always test to see if the eggs are expired (do not always rely on the package date). Just pour some cold, salt water and drop an egg into it. If the egg sinks, it is still fresh but if it stays suspended in the water its a few weeks old so eat it quick.  If the egg float on the top, put it in the garbage. It is no good!


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