The Olive Table Review: Olive Oil and Honey

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I was recently asked to conduct a review by The Olive Table ( The name alone made me both hungry and excited to try this new brand. I was happy to learn that the company not only specialized in olive oils but also in a product that I recommend for everyone…honey!!

Honey is a sweet food and has approximately the same sweetness as sugar but has traditionally been used to treat many ailments such as the common cold, allergies and more (as seen in my previous blog posts (

I did a little research and found that The Olive Table launched their first product in 2012, and that their olive oil is from Greece! Greek olive oil traditionally has a strong aroma and flavor and is usually a greenish color; it is one of my absolute favorites. The Olive Table prides themselves on creating “the highest quality olive oil with exceptional taste and health benefits” and on providing “honey that is raw and 100% natural”. We tasted The Olive Table’s Organic Early Harvest Olive EVOO and the Private Reserve Greek Olive Oil. We also tasted three different Read the rest of this entry »

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