Sesame Street Birthday Party

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My son recently turned one, and we had a sesame street themed birthday party for him :-) I hope you enjoy all of the pictures of the party!

We held the party at The Estate at Florentine Gardens

The tablecloths and napkins were all in different primary colors.



The centerpieces were homemade. Just need a great printer. I ordered the template off of Etsy. I used Christmas Sesame Street Wrapping Paper for the box and had different characters on each table attached to balloons. I also had each label have Jude’s name as well.

IMG_3047[1] IMG_3051[1] IMG_3054[1] IMG_3055[1]














At the entryway, I cut out footprints of Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster and placed them on a white carpet. Of course they were also invited :-)

IMG_3049[1] IMG_3060[1]









All of the kids went home with Elmo’s favorites!!  I placed “goldfish” and “crayons” inside specially made fishbowls with a special character on it (oscar, elmo, cookie monster and big bird).

IMG_3071[1] IMG_3072[1] IMG_3073[1]














Everyone also received a bottle of water…I made special sesame street labels that stated Jude’s Party…these were great especially after all of the dancing :-) have to thank the DJ for that.

IMG_3070[1] IMG_3074[1]








We had character Lollipops for all of the guests: Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster. Thank you Auntie Maggie for your help with this!

IMG_3052[1] IMG_3053[1]








A great cocktail hour with two hot stations pasta and carving……(not all shown)…what I love about the East Coast is there is ALWAYS more than enough food at parties! This is in addition to the four course meal….talk about being stuffed!!

IMG_3082[1] IMG_3083[1]








Everyone also went home with some homemade cupcakes. I made all yellow cake and colored the buttercream frosting with different primary colors: red, blue and green. I purchased the character faces from Williams & Sonoma.

IMG_3062[1] IMG_3056[1]









We had a Tattoo Parlor for all of the kids. We set up a table and hung up the sign. The tattoos were scattered all over the table along with a bucket of water and some wet rags. The kids were so excited to get a “sesame street” tattoo. Inexpensive way to have fun. Just picked up a poster board.

IMG_3057[1] IMG_3058[1]









Throw a cookie in cookie monsters’ mouth. I made this out of a blue poster board and glued it to a box. The kids used “toy” cookies and the winners won a full package of cookies.









Oscar’s Can Knockdown

The kids had three chances to knock down as many cans as they could using a ball.  I just used some cans of chicken broth and ripped off the labels. Again…an inexpensive way to have fun :-)









I also set up a craft table for the kids. They were able to make their birthday party hats. I purchased glue from and the rest was from a craft store.

IMG_3079[1] IMG_3080[1] IMG_3081[1]















All in all we had a wonderful party with wonderful family and friends and are truly blessed. We were pooped by the end though :-)


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